Rönesans Agency

Ronesans Agency has established in 1999, İzmir. It has been more than 15 years in fashion business and industry with professional model cast and very experienced crew. Background of the agency has many important lansmans, eventshows, fashionshows, producing, choreographies. Also worked with celebtiry Turkish Models(Tuğba Karaca, Tuba Ünsal, Fatoş Seymen, Irmak Atuk, Gökhan Keser, Fulya Keskin, Sinem Sülün, Ekin Türkmen, Şükran Ovalı). Miss&Mr Model of Turkey has organized since 2000 and during 16 years so many names has steped in this glorious life. Competiton represents every year on august and all over the country on live stream, and many guest all over Turkey attendance for the competition.

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